Thursday, July 5, 2012

Steve Nash Joins LA Lakers As Point Guard

Much to the joy (or disgust) of many Lakers and Phoenix fans, point guard Steve Nash has just been recruited to the team. He has been traded from Phoenix Suns and in exchange, Los Angeles Lakers will give multiple draft choices and cash. I do not know how this would affect the entire basketball rhythm, considering the intense rivalry between the two teams, as well Nash's rivalry with Lakers star and my love Kobe Bryant

Shortly after the announcement, Nash released a statement saying how we wishes the Phoenix Suns well and that the win a championship in time. It must be hard for the Suns to let go of Nash, considering he still performs extremely well as 38 years old. 

Are you happy with this trade? Everyone must have the same question in mind: "How does Kobe work with an elite point guard?" Well, we have yet to know this season! Several Internet memes already sprawled the web within hours of the announcement. This is definitely something to enjoy this 4th of July!

Do you have more of these funny memes? Share it to us!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Megan Fox Shows Off Pregnant Tummy

Sorry boys, but Megan Fox is happily married and is now ready to show off her pregnant tummy. She and her husband Brian Austin Green is expecting a baby very soon, and this photo above taken during their holiday is a rare one that confirms her pregnancy. She looks enviably beautiful with very little makeup on. I certainly hope that their marriage lasts, considering they have been together for quite a while now. It's not everyday we see a Hollywood couple sustain a lifelong relationship. I'm excited to see their pretty baby!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Linsanity: The Rise of Jeremy Lin

Basketball fans all over the world are swooning over Jeremy Lin, the New York Knicks point guard who just started to make a name for himself in the NBA. This lead to the world creating a nickname to his amazing plays, "linsanity". He certainly reminds me of Kobe Bryant and LeBron James back in the days when they were still amazing rookies. Here are some facts you must know about this 23-year old Jeremy Lin:

He is a Harvard Graduate. Though he is from California, he made it to a top university to study Economics, and graduated with honors last 2010.

He is Taiwanese-American. Yup, he is of asian descent, which I think is quite obvious already with his facial features and last name.

He recently got his guaranteed contract. Nobody really wanted to pay attention to him, until recently when his coach decided to let him play. He took the chance and did all he could (and he has been consistent so far), earning him his one-year contract. Now he doesn't have to sleep on his brother's couch.

He is lincredible, linsational, linvincible, linsane, and a linspiration for all!

Move over, Justin Bieber, we have a new love!

Here is a highlights video of Jeremy Lin during the Knicks-Lakers game last Feb 10th.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Charice on the Cover of Preview Magazine this January

The international singer Charice is getting a lot of attention because she is at the cover of Preview, a popular fashion magazine in the Philippines for its January-February 2011 issue. The reactions are mixed negative and positive, as some criticizes (yet another) overuse of Photoshop while loyal fans adore the more mature look that the young singer took on.

She did seem to look a lot slimmer on the cover photo, which many people criticized on their Facebook walls and Twitter feeds, as if they are the better person of everything. Photoshopped or not, I think Preview did a good job. Even the biggest Hollywood stars get certains parts of their bodies "photoshopped" so what's the big deal? Perhaps some people just couldn't believe how a small town girl like Charice can manage to take care of herself and become successful in her career, while these useless people are stuck having a social life online alone. 

Charice was part of Glee where she played as a Filipina exchange student named Sunshine Corazon, together with Lea Michele and Heather Morris.