Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Minka Kelly is Esquire's Sexiest Woman Alive

Who is she? Minka Kelly is the Sexiest Woman Alive as tagged by Esquire magazine, following in the footsteps of celebrities who held this title: Kate Beckinsale, Halle Berry, Charlize Theron, Scarlett Johansson, Jessica Biel and Angelina Jolie. She stars at the TV Series, Friday Night Lights and will be appearing in Parenthood this fall. Minka Kelly is also dating Yankees star Derek Jeter so sorry guys, you have to be a hunk for this kind of woman to fall for or even notice you. Want to see more of her? She is starring in two up coming movies, The Roommate which is a horror film and Searching for Sonny which is a comedy. Better watch out for that! In the meantime, here are more pictures from her shoot with Esquire. Click the pictures for a larger version of the photos. 

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